Janet Roston

The Boy From OZ

Celebration Theater, Hollywood, CA




"Best Choreography"

Ovation Award


"Best Choreography"

Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Nomination

The choreography by Janet Roston is the most thrilling and high-powered dance I have ever seen in a space this size. Roston’s use of space and movement is smart and impressive, once the dance begins the walls expand with each and every move.

ryanmluevano.com (full review)



Big and bold performances, bright retro choreography… One of the most exciting aspects of the show is the way choreographer Janet Roston brings the various moments of Allen’s story to life via dance.

musicalsinla.com (full review)



…it’s literally action center stage that includes some pretty wild and furious dance numbers choreographed with wondrous excitement by Janet Roston.

broadwayworld.com (full review)



Janet Roston’s choreography deserves a paragraph of its own. Lush and inventive, filling the stage, incorporating witty Fosse-esque moves for Liza’s numbers, it’s a kinetic work of art in itself.

thelosangelespost.com (full review)



The Celebration discovery is aided and abetted every step of the way by

ace choreographer Janet Roston, who outdoes herself in production number after production number

stagescenela.com (full review)



From the opening “The Lives of Me” to the phantasmagoric “I Go to Rio” curtain call, "The Boy From Oz" is a joyous, sensitive, electrifying benchmark for this company. Whether Michael Mullen’s magnificent costume parade or choreographer Janet Roston’s superlative dances, this is first-rate theater.

Los Angeles Times (full review)



Choreographer Janet Roston has accomplished a terrific achievement—her choreography on that postage stamp sized stage by her seven person chorus is stunning.

haineshisway.com (full review)



Choreographer Janet Roston makes fantastic use of quite a small stage. You can hardly believe there's space for song and dance numbers but Roston makes it work

edgemedia.com (full review)



The choreography and costumes are to a level that you would expect in a big Broadway production. Outstanding!

PerformingArtsLive.com (full review)

Anais, A Dance Opera

Greenway Court Theatre

Los Angeles




What a terrific production! Choreography and music are brilliantly paired.

Performing Arts Live (full review)



“Janet Roston’s choreography takes on Nin’s desire to be loved by her father, her sometimes emotional emptiness and her sexual appetites brilliantly… a production filled with gorgeous visuals and sounds that both delight and educate.

seedance.com (full review)




“Roston and Shapiro’s hybrid theatrical is a smashing show. Roston’s choreography is a thrilling interplay of principals and ensemble”

StageRaw.com (full review)



“Conceived and created by Janet Roston and Cindy Shapiro the Dance /opera is a must see for everyone….a masterpiece of storytelling. The choreography by Janet Roston was both brilliant and daring.”

DiscoverHollywood.com (full review)



“Sensuous, compelling and thought provoking”

Huffington Post (full review)



Roston’s energetic and often lyrical choreography sustains the tone throughout.

theater ghost.com (full review



“Elegant and unique… Employing edgy music and thoughtful compositions, complemented by Roston’s dreamy, lyrical and passionate choreography”

ArtsBeatLA.com (fulle review)

Striking 12

The Laguna Playhouse

Laguna Beach, CA




Directed with sweet simplicity by Janet Roston, Striking 12 is a holiday love letter that will bring you back to yourself...

musicalsinla.com (full review)


Under Roston's meticulous direction, the four actors take you on a fun-filled odyssey that is bound to move each of you in different ways…director Janet Roston avoids choppiness, maintaining a steady flow throughout…

BroadwayWorld.com (full review)



Director Janet Roston opts wisely not to overstage Striking 12. Roston’s biggest inspiration has been to split Vigoda’s original role in two, allowing Duchowny to take centerstage, enacting the musical’s central role with warmth, charm, and heart, executing Roston’s moves with grace.

stagescenela.com (full review)



Janet Roston’s direction is subtle and precise. Duchowny dances an exquisite and delicate number brilliantly choreographed by the director, Janet Roston…

HollywoodTimes.net (full review)


The Color Purple

Celebration Theater, Hollywood, CA




"Best Choreography"

Ovation Award


"Best Production of a Musical" Ovation Award


"Musical of the Year"

LA Weekly


"Best Choreography"

Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Nomination


"Best Choreography"

LA Weekly Award Nomination

The joint is jumping over at Celebration Theatre with its raucous, exultant staging of “The Color Purple.” The strength of the production is its unabashed theatricality, and Matthews and company, with choreography by Janet Roston, work wonders with the songs

Critics Choice, Los Angeles Times (full review)


…a blisteringly talented cast, all displaying powerful voices while elevating Janet Roston's superb choreography, which is beautifully realized despite tight space constraints.

Pick of the Week, L.A. Weekly (full review)


Janet Roston's splendid choreography employs an impressive array of styles.

Critics Choice, Backstage.com


Thanks to Janet Roston's exhilarating choreography the stage is never cramped; what results is a visual splendor that excites the mind and the senses.

Broadwayworld.com (full review)


"..cast members execute choreographer Janet Roston’s exciting dance moves in production numbers like the R&B-infused “Big Dog.”



"This Production of "The Color Purple: The Musical" is Amazing! Choreographer Janet Roston deftly traffics the largest company I have ever seen in Celebration’s performance space. Especially impressive dance numbers include the exquisitely intricate "African Homeland”

LAsplash.com (full review)


"Your eyes will bug out when you see the perfectly executed choreography by the dazzling Janet Roston."


Psyche - A Modern Rock Opera

Greenway Court Theatre

Los Angeles




Breathtaking pictures emerge as the integration of choreography, movement, dance and staging by director Michael Matthews and choreographer Janet Roston seamlessly pull all the visual elements together. There is no careless movement here…I suggest you think of it not as a musical theatre piece or as a typical opera but as a living work of art.”




The unarguable triumph of Psyche: A Modern Rock Opera is the choreography of Janet Roston, which sets a company of 10 to dizzying displays of complex movement.

artsinla.com (full review)


Terrific choreography by Janet Roston



Janet Roston’s superb choreography is fluid and, at times, percussive --such as when it occasionally incorporates claps and fleshy slaps into the cast’s movement

stageraw.com (full review)


Psyche: A Modern Rock Opera gives Los Angeles audiences the chance to see Ovation Award-winning choreographer Janet Roston strut her electrifying stuff as never before, since just about every musical number includes dance or movement, and whether modern or jazz or balletic or aerial, Roston aces them all.



beautifully fluid and original choreography by Janet Roston...



The choreography is outstanding. Janet Roston’s unique mixture of simple primitive movement combined with lyrical modern dance and quick staccato moves crafts a vision of myth and ceremonial happenings


Tonya and Nancy: The Rock Opera

American Repertory Theater's

Club Oberon


Boston, MA




"Director/Choreographer Janet Roston distabilizes figure and ground to create the illusion of competitive figure skaters…An exhilarating in-the-round theater experience."

Richard Cambridge, Artsake.MassCulturalCouncil.org



Director Janet Roston doesn’t just play the story for laughs; both Tonya and Nancy are portrayed as somewhat sympathetic. Roston makes great use of the smallish space. Actors move through the audience, sing from every corner of the room and occasionally climb over the balcony and sing standing on tables.

IceNetwork.com (full review)

The Who's Tommy

East West Players

Los Angeles, CA




Impressively staged…intensely performed by East West Players. The strong-voiced cast commands the space, bouncing through Janet Roston’s choreography, devouring the stage.

LA Times (full review)


A 1960’s through 80’s time frame inspire a slew of innovative costumes and choreography. Choreographer Roston gives her indefatigable, triple-threat-tastic ensemble abundant fancy footwork in dance number after dance number.

Stage Scene LA (full review)



King King Nightclub




Director-choreographer Janet Roston uses King King's grunge chic club space, with its exposed brick and steel beams, to set an aesthetic that emphasizes raw performance.

Los Angeles Times (full review)


Who knew that all the material needed was an eclectic rock score by Mark Governor and a little direction and choreography, both achieved with clarity and wit on the part of Janet Roston, to kick its dry old husk into life?

Backstage (full review)


Director/choreographer Roston uses nearly every square inch of Hollywood’s King King nightclub to pilot Hester Prynne, Arthur Dimmesdale and Roger Chillingworth to their respective destinies…the evening is vibrant.

Daily News (full review)


“Music is catchy and the performances rock. And there’s no shAme in that!”



An ensemble of 10 uses the saga of Puritan guilt as a valid exploration of “The Interior of a Heart” under director-choreographer Janet Roston’s snappy staging.

L.A. Weekly (full review)


The Wanting with moxy phinx

Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica





Director Janet Roston's choreography is tight, energetic, and extremely sophisticated...the sense of detail in the movement suggests a mood that's both kinky and beguiling.

L.A. Weekly


Janet Roston’s direction and impeccable choreography, the perverse grasping, grinding and pulling away make this production hard to dislike, ignore or forget…it is nothing short of a small masterpiece.



Director and choreographer Janet Roston blends the musical and dance performances seamlessly...it offers a music/dance/theatre experience like nothing else you will see in Los Angeles this season.


Failure, A Love Story

Coeurage Theater Company


Ovation Award Nominee, Best Production




Selected for Center Theatre Group’s Block Party, Kirk Douglas Theatre, 2017

When the entire company suddenly segues into a rousing musical tribute to Jenny June’s arch rival Johnny Weissmuller, choreographed to precision perfection by Janet Roston, the audience is guaranteed the surprises will never cease.

artsinla.com (full review)


…”Johnny Weissmuller,” choreographed by Janet Roston is a great number, with the perfect amount of corny, cleanly and sharply danced by all.

Broadwayworld.com (full review)


Add to all this Janet Roston’s delightful “Johnny Weissmuller” choreography that has the entire cast kicking up their heels and you’ve got far more than simply a “play with music.

Stagescenela.com (full review)


Once On This Island

International City Theater




"Best Choreography"

NAACP Award Nomination


Janet Roston's lithe, folk-flavored choreography convulses the stage.

Los Angeles Times


Flaherty's music matches up equally well with choreography by Janet Roston that has an authentically primitive look whether joyous, savage or delicate.

The Orange County Register


Roston’s high-octane choreography is as integral to the story as the lyrics.

Daily Breeze

The Tanjore Project

Dance Spectrum

Ivar Theater




Winner, Muse Award for

Outstanding Choreography

Palm Desert

Choreography Festival

There’s a special art to getting noticed and remembered on a program of short pieces by many choreographers…clarity of purpose is a must…the trick to being memorable may lie in projecting a singe high-profile concept…as in the juxtaposition of antique Barat Natyam from India with contemporary hip-hop and jazz dancing in Janet Roston’s The Tanjore Project.

Los Angeles Times